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Not all breeders who have nice websites or sell puppies that are registered with AKC are good breeders!

 Just because a Boxer website is nice and they state they are show breeder or they have shown their Boxers in the past or they are a breeder that trains their dogs as working dogs does not mean they really are! I have viewed many breeders websites and noticed that people say they show their Boxers but produce no proof of it, no pictures, no trophies, nothing. The breeders that do show and work their dogs, yes they do have pictures on their website because they want to show everyone what they are doing! because they are proud of it!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been called by a person who is looking for a quality puppy from a good breeder and they have said to me..... " I wanted to contact you because you are an AKC breeder so I know you are a good breeder so I can trust you." 

Please be warned this is NOT the case. First of all, I am not an AKC breeder, neither is anyone else, there is no such thing. I am a breeder who has chosen to register my dogs with this registry. I have registered my dogs and puppies with AKC but in order to do this all I had to do was to purchase a dog with AKC papers and breed that dog to another dog with AKC papers and then all of the puppies are automatically eligible to be registered by AKC. There are no requirements other than filling out the paperwork and paying the fees to register a litter of puppies from two AKC registered parents.

AKC requires that all stud dogs be DNA'd after they have produced a certain number of litters in a year or within their life time. Females and puppies are NOT required to be DNA'd so if there is an unethical breeder out there and they had an accidental breeding between two dogs, they could still register the puppies and claim that the sire is whoever they want to say it is. With no requirements to DNA the female or the puppies, no-one would be the wiser.

AKC also requires all imports, male and female to be DNA'd but again, not the puppies.

Puppy mills can and do register their puppies through AKC, there are no requirements that the dogs or puppies be healthy, health tested, of sound temperament or confirmationally correct to be AKC registered or to be bred or to have the litter of the said dogs registered.

So I warn you, please do your research, not all breeders who offer AKC puppies are good breeders, many of them hide behind the AKC name because they know that the public believes all breeders who offer AKC registered puppies are good breeders. It is up to the breeder to be ethical and moral. It is up to the breeder to be honest and to care enough about the breed to make sure they are breeding the healthiest dogs possible with the correct confirmation and correct temperament for the breed. The breeders must make it their goal and their mission to breed nothing but the best.

Also, I feel I should mention that just because a breeder sells AKC puppies does not mean that they are fair or honest and it does not mean that the Health Guarantee they offer meets or exceeds the requirements of the Puppy Lemon Law in their state. Most states have Puppy Lemon Laws because of unethical breeders who sell sick puppies and then refuse to stand behind them. Many of them have very one-sided Health Guarantees filled with loop holes so that they can get out of taking responsibility if they sell sick puppies. 

As of the date this report was made, AKC only had 9 agents to investigate and oversee thousands of breeders that register through their club. There is no inspection required for anyone to start a breeding program and register through AKC, they just have to have two AKC registered parents. Many breeders have never been inspected by AKC.

So please do not be fooled by these breeders, do your research before buying a puppy, it may save you a lot of heartache down the road.  

Please be forewarned the video below is very educational but also very disturbing for animal lovers.

10 Reasons Not to Buy Pet Store Puppies

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