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Sponge Bob

Manda's Jaleesia

Manor Hills Black Beauty

Now Retired

Enberlan is my Full European Fawn male DOB 4/12/2009 He is AKC Registered and he weighs 64 pounds. Sorry I am not going to stud him out. Enberlan was born here in the US but his parents were imported. He comes from some of the most well-known lines in the European Boxer world, his 5 generation pedigree displays some of the most distinguished lines in Europe such as Del colle delle infinito and a very long line of others, as well as Atibox! Please view below.

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from USA

Manda's Baby Girl

(Manda's Char X Sponge Bob )

Now Retired

This well be Baby Girls last litter on the 23 of July and she will be retired.

Baby Girl is my beautiful AKC registered American Reverse Brindle female. She Weighs 55 Lbs. Baby Girl parents are Char and Sponge Bob.

Wow, where do I begin! Well she is my "Baby Girl"! When I first laid eyes on her as a newborn pup I just knew she was meant to stay with us. Her temperament is excellent and she is very loving and gentle with my four children. She gets along well with my other boxers, cats, rabbits and sugar gliders.

 ~ Sponge Bob ~

 ~ Char ~

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