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We have been advised by our vets that the general public should not be allowed inside our home and that puppies should not be picked up by new owners until they are 8 weeks of age at which time they have had their first puppy vaccination and some immunity has built up against infectious diseases and illnesses. There is a real danger that diseases can migrate into our home and puppies that are not yet vaccinated will be susceptible to these viruses and bacteria.

At first I did not understand the no visiting policy that many breeders had, they did not allow people into their homes or to their kennels, I thought maybe they were hiding something. However, after having my own breeding program, I knew exactly why they had this policy in place. I truly appreciate a breeder that is careful with visitors around their kennel and their puppies. You will find that many breeders, ones that truly care, will have some kind of visitation policy. All reputable breeders make it a priority to protect their dogs and puppies.

In the best interest of our puppies and adult Boxers, we are very careful about preventing the transmission of diseases to them. We take every precaution that we can to make sure that our puppies are not exposed to any kinds of disease that you may carry on your shoes or even on your hands. These diseases can be picked up and carried on your shoes for days, anywhere a dog has been, parks, pet stores, rest stops, parking lots, anywhere. Therefore as a precaution no one is allowed to touch or handle or visit while unvaccinated puppies are on the premises.

We loved people coming and meeting the puppies and the parents however it is very risky and exposes them to infectious diseases and putts the already bought puppies at risk; we do not allow visitors in our home, no exceptions. Our home is where current litters and future litters will be housed and we do not want anything carried in to the puppies or premises. If you are interested in one of our puppies, we will provide photos and videos on our website and email you photos and information on puppies. When you reserve a puppy with us , we send out photos and information by email each week so families can watch their puppies grow! At 8 weeks of age, you may take them home with you. You are more than welcome to pick up your puppy but I will meet you outside the house with the puppy. You can also see the mom and dad but at a distance you are not allowed to go and pet on them. Because they also live in the house with the puppies and I don't want them to carry anything into the puppies. if you are picking up your puppy please stop somewhere and use the restroom before coming because you will not be able to use my house bathroom and please bring hand sanitizer and I will provide shoe booties for you to put on when you step out of the car. Also we do not allow any other dogs or animals around our dogs/puppies. PLEASE leave your other animals at home, as they will not be allowed out of your vehicle, another precaution for our dogs and puppies.

Think of how you would feel for me to call you and tell you that your puppy is sick or has died from the results of me allowing visitors in my home and they have carried in some kind of infectious diseases in to your puppy. That would be very devastating not only to you but to me to. My puppies are like my kid's, I love them just as much. I’ve never had to make a call like that and hope I never will. Puppies are like newborn babies, until all shots are complete; they are susceptible to many different diseases and illnesses. 

 Below is information on one devastating puppy virus; one that can be carried in easily if one isn’t very careful.

Parvo- (parvovirus), Canine Parvovirus, commonly referred to as parvo, is a very serious viral disease in dogs. The most common form of Parvo is intestinal and most commonly seen today. It causes extreme damage to the lining of the digestive tract. Parvo likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells and the intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy’s body. The virus attacks and destroys certain portions of the intestinal tract. Even with this form of Parvo, heart muscle damage may also occur.

Symptoms: Loss of appetite, Vomiting, Lethargy, High Fever, Diarrhea, often bloody, Foul smelling, liquid yellow stool.

Parvovirus causes severe life-threatening illness, through dehydration, acid-base imbalance, infection and shock. If you suspect your pet may be infected, it is an emergency and you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Parvo is carried by dogs. Adult dogs may be infected carriers and not show signs. Dogs with the typical symptoms and diarrhea shed the virus perhaps for as long as 7 days after the symptoms have ended. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 days from the time of exposure for symptoms to appear and for your dog or pup to test positive. The onset of clinical signs is usually sudden, within 12 hours, or even less. The Parvovirus is particularly long-lived in the environment, lasting anywhere from 1 to 7 months, or even a year. Due to the large amounts of virus particles shed in the feces of an infected dog and the ability of the virus to survive, complete eradication of the virus is often impossible.

Parvo may be brought home to your pup on shoes, hands, and even your vehicle tires. Even if your dog or pup does not leave your yard, they may get this disease if precautions aren’t taken.


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It is known as the Circovirus and it is making its way across the country. Cases of dogs contracting the virus-especially in kennel settings have already been reported in California, Ohio, and Michigan. Currently there is no vaccine available to treat the virus and severe cases could kill dogs in da...

****Taking precautions should never stop here; you need and should do the same when your puppy is home and until all vaccines are completed.

 In order to protect your (reserved) puppy and our own dogs, we must enforce this visitor's policy.

Thank you for understanding our protective policy.

Manda Friley

 HavenWoods Boxers


Three years ago I bought a puppy from Colleen E Stewart (STEWART'S KENNEL) At first she seemed like a good breeder and told me he would go to the vet for vaccinations and he cannot leave her until he is 8 weeks old. I put down a $400 deposit but then she called me before he was 4 weeks old and demanded the

remaining balance. I thought that was odd since I was going to pick him up at her home. Two days after sending the remaining balance I received a health contract. That is when I started getting worried and red flags went up. Then before he was 6 weeks old she called me to come and pick him up because she was going on vacation. Then I said 'okay- has he been to the vets yet to have

his vaccinations'. Then she starts stuttering 'no, I give the puppies there vaccinations'. I was so mad at this point and I told her 'so you pretty much lied to me!!' You told me that the puppies go to the vets to get there vaccinations. Then she told me that she never said that. Then I told her' but I made sure before I put a deposit down on a puppy'. So then she tells me if I wanted him to go to the veterinarians and get his vaccinations I would have to pay for it myself. So I did and I sent her the money because I wanted him to be checked out by a veterinarian before picking him up. A couple days later she calls me and tells me that he has gone to the vets and got a exam and his shots. So I went to pick him up and I get there and they brought him outside to me and my heart just dropped because he was so small, he didn't even look like a six week old puppy. He was so skinny and sickly looking, but there was nothing I could do because of what the contract stated and she already had my money. So we took him home and

right away I took him to the vet. They did some tests on him and the tests showed anemia and Coccidia. The vet said coccidia was common in puppies and easy to treat. The vet told me he probably didn't have parvo because he was so young, so he didn't do the parvo tests. So we went home and later that night he started vomiting and had water diarrhea and wouldn't eat or drink. So I had to call my veterinarian late at night and have him meet us at his office. Thank god he does emergency calls. He then did a parvo test and it was positive. I did not even have him for 24 hours. So I called Colleen from the vets office to let her know the puppy that she sold me had full blown parvo. Then she defensive right away and told me it was coccidia not parvo. So I let her speak to my veterinarian and she still wanted to argue with him. So she tells me to bring

him back to her right now, which is a 7 to 8 drive. The veterinarian told her that he would not make the 6 to 7 Hour Drive back to her and she still wanted to argue. The veterinarian told her he needed treatment right away, if he was going to survive this and I told her I'm not going let him died because of her ignorance. So she hangs up on me. I tried to call her back but she would not answer. So I told my veterinarian to do everything he could to save him. He was at the vet for four days and all seemed fine but then he had a relapse and then he was

so sick that he could not even move, he was lifeless. He was so bad off the veterinarian called me to come and say my goodbyes just in case he did not make it through the night, but they are still doing everything they can to save him. Almost all of his veins in his body collapsed but the veins in his throat so that where they had to put his IV'S. Three days later one of my females goes in to labor and has some complications and needs to go to the veterinarians office to have a emergency C-section. So I get there and I hear him barking, I look over at my veterinarian and ask him is that my puppy barking and

he says no I have three other puppies back there that have the parvo to. Then I say no that sounds like a boxer bark' and then he tells his son to go check. His son comes back out and says yes it is your puppy and all my veterinarian

could say is wow I did not think he was going to make it at all. So my

veterinarian calls me two days later to let me know I am able to take him home but I have to quarantine him for six months due to me having other puppies and dogs that he can pass it to :(. So I try to call Colleen again to let her know that he has survived and what she is going to do to make it right with me. She never answered so I tried to send her a message and I got nothing. So after several attempts to contact her I finally gave up and took her to court and won my case. She was supposed to reimburse me for the vet cost but I never received it. I am not the only one she did this to almost all of his siblings that went to there new homes got sick and died from Parvo and they didn't even get reimbursed neither. She was supposed to shut down her kennel but then I got calls from other people that has bought her dogs and they said

that she was up and running with another Kennel name. Now after talking to her veterinarian and the other people she sold puppies to. She knew that he was sick and had Parvo, that is why she wanted me to come and get him early. Her own

veterinarian told me she was pretty much a puppy Mill and had many different breeds of dogs. See her veterinarian was able to give me information due to the fact that she put the bill for my puppy in my name. I'm hoping by putting my story on my website that I make people aware of the dangers of Diseases / Parvo in puppies and irresponsible / bad breeders.

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