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Yvonne Manley

03:49 AM on December 29, 2008

I just sent some more pictures of matilda to you, if anyone else would like to see her just email me.


02:35 PM on December 21, 2008

hi I'm Olga and this year i might adpot a boxer pup from you. i looked at your website and loved it beutiful pups and moms and dads.


02:21 PM on November 29, 2008

Please join The New Boxer Showcase ForumThank you!

Meghan (Stryker Boxers)

12:52 AM on November 23, 2008

Hello, just got done browsing your site, and I wanted to leave a little note, beutiful Boxers!! I really like the site! The new puppies are beautiful!:D


09:28 PM on November 11, 2008

I was just checking out your site. Love it. Looks like you just had another litter. They are beautiful as always. Coquina says hi and she LOVES your site.

Cory and Susan

06:53 PM on June 21, 2008

Hi Manda...Just wanted to let you know that Beauty aka Sadie, is doing great. She is adorable and we are thrilled with her. She gets along great with our other dogs. We fell in love with her the second we saw her. Thank you so much! We will send pictures soon. Thanks! The Stejskal Family

Kristy and Michael

07:22 AM on June 05, 2008

Hey Manda.. Just wanted to put my myspace website on here so everyone can watch the slideshow of Mak. He is now 6 months old and weighs 45lbs. He is the best dog ever. You truly breed wonderful dogs. We couldn't be happier!!! I update my pictures approx every 2 weeks, so stay tuned as you watch him grow :)

George B.

03:17 PM on May 31, 2008

Hi -U have some real Beautys I am looking for a black Boxer is "Beauty" available (pending)? Hae a 2yr.Fawn Classic Female and currently training #2 Brindles for Home Land Security (Search and Rescue)! The Black would be my companion dog along with the Fawn. Living in my home with Family(trained in S&R as well).

Cindy Bohn

01:31 PM on May 25, 2008

I am the person from Pennsylvania who spoke with you the other day about Azmera. I think we would like to purchase her but would first like to know where, in Ohio, you are located and at what date the puppy would be available for pick up? Do you accept personal checks since it would clear before the puppy would be ready to be picked up? Please feel free to respond to my email which I have included above or call me at (717)821-3723. Regards, Cindy Bohn


04:34 PM on May 23, 2008

Manda, My husband and I have been looking at getting a female black boxer for a while now. We're not ready to purchase yet, but we've checking breeders out. We're really impressed with the quality of your boxers and how well cared for they appear to be. We hope to purchase one from you soon. Please feel free to check out our boxers @

Amy Bowden

08:27 AM on May 15, 2008

Manda- We are looking for a female NOT related to our male that we received from you in 2006. I think he's on your website-you called him Cheyton. We named him Nitro (or his papered name is kinda cool- INTRO TO NITRO) Anyway, his mama is your adorable Citara and Spongebob is his daddy. Are you expected any other unrelated litters soon? Looking for a flashy fawn.


07:57 PM on April 28, 2008

I just love the Seal Brindle Boxers! You have some nice boxers! :)Liberty Boxers & ZoLu Shih Tzu

Nicki Richards

09:54 AM on April 21, 2008

Your website is full of beautiful pictures of beautiful Boxers!

Jodi Schulze

05:23 PM on April 19, 2008


Kristy and Michael

12:48 PM on April 17, 2008

Just so everybody knows we are the proud owners of Nitton and we now call Mak....we got Mak 3 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier. He is Perfect!!!! Thank you so much for such a smart beautiful boxer! You guys come highly recommended! We will keep in touch with lots of pictures...

Suzi, Alan, Michael

11:59 PM on April 06, 2008

So everybody knows, we bought Daylon and he arrived healthy & safe at the airport in NJ yesterday morning. He is such a wonderful! Sweet, smart and a wiggle buttz/cuddler. Perfect! Manda, thank you! Thank for breeding such beautiful Boxers and for helping to fill some of the hole in my heart after the loss of my Boxer, Rocky. Keep it up, girl, I'll be in touch! Sent pictures to your email.

Suzi Leyland

09:15 PM on March 29, 2008

Can't wait for Saturday to pick up Daylon. I'll be in touch by Friday. Great slide show & website and great talking to you!


08:38 PM on March 22, 2008

Thank you everyone for signing my guest book. Yes, Olga I am more than happy to have you in my guest book also. Thanks, Manda


07:58 PM on March 20, 2008

HI my name is olga and i was wondering if i could be in your guest book. I love you boxer. There so beutiful. Thanks Hope to here from you

Deidre Ambrose

11:41 AM on March 10, 2008

One of your pups, Coquina, is our catalog cover model. She is loveable and beautiful! We would like to swap links with you so that our dog loving customers can check you out and vice versa.


05:03 PM on March 09, 2008

nice website, and your boxers are cute :)Jordane Boxers


11:21 AM on March 09, 2008

I was just browsing and found your site. You have some very beautiful pups. The website is great. Good luck in keeping up the standard of this wonderful breed.:lol:

Shane Easterberg

09:40 PM on March 08, 2008

Your pup's are amazing, love the black coloring and will definetly talk with you when I get my next boxer. Great website


10:20 AM on March 07, 2008

Here is a past puppy!!! on catalog and go to page 13.


05:18 PM on March 06, 2008

Manda, good start with this website. Keep it growing, and keep breeding boxers. You have the most beautiful Boxers I have seen. Thank you.:tongue:


10:32 AM on March 06, 2008

Manda, Love your site. The one on the Harley is adorable. It looks like Coquina's brother. I see you have several with the pie eyes. I do see that you have someone missing. Feel free to steal Coquina's cover girl pictures off of my MySpace site. I just realized something else. After all these years, I have never seen your face. Love, Ronni and Coquina

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